How it Works

So ... you need a poem. And not just any poem – this one needs to be both deeply personal and wonderfully unique. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Versed In, we take the descriptions and details you give us about the intended recipient of your gift, and we craft that information into a beautiful, personal and completely unique poem which they will treasure forever.

What happens next?

1. Complete our order form/email us directly with your requirements –
You can complete the order form below, remembering that the more information you provide, the better and more personal the end result. Or, if you feel that you can offer better quality/more relevant information about the lucky recipient of your poem outside the restrictions of our standard order form, feel free to email our resident author directly.

2. Look out for an email from us letting you know the cost of your poem and when you can expect to receive your first draft email.
Please keep an eye on your Spam folder! As a general rule, the longer the poem, the more expensive it will be.

3. Email us confirming your acceptance of the terms.

4. We’ll email you a PayPal invoice, please pay for your poem upfront.
As soon as we have received payment, we’ll get to work writing your poem!

5. Watch your email inbox for your first draft.
We’ll email you a first draft as close your estimated delivery date as possible.

6. Tell us what you think.

If you’re happy – job done! (Unless you’ve requested for us to print and frame your poem for you, in which case
we’ll email you a new estimated delivery date). If you want your poem tweaking, we allow up to three revisions; just let us know.

7. Don’t forget to send us a picture and/or a testimonial of your
completed product to receive 10% back on your order!

**Remember to check out our gallery of images from previous happy customers. Alternatively, and for an additional charge, Versed In can present, print and frame the poem for you. It's up to you!**

We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you feel like you are ready to get in contact with us and make an initial order enquiry then please click here to complete our new order enquiry form.